Oxygen Pipeline and Piping Systems

Oxygen pipeline systems developed over many decades in the various countries of Europe, North America, and in other geographies have shown good and comparable safety records, although company practices show many differences in design and operations. Some national authorities have also introduced legislation that is mandatory for the operators in those countries. The scope of this publication is for metal oxygen pipelines, distribution piping systems, and gaseous oxygen&nb...

Cleaning of Equipment for Oxygen Service

Since the early days of the industrial gases industry, it has been recognized that maintaining cleanliness of components in contact with oxygen is essential to avoid ignition of components or systems. Oxygen is not flammable but supports and accelerates combustion of most materials used in oxygen systems. Recognition of oxygen's reactivity has led to stringent requirements for the cleanliness of equipment in oxygen service. This publication has been prepared by a group of experts in indu...

The hazards of oxygen enriched atmospheres

Over the decades EIGA has received reports of serious injuries and fatalities due to oxygen enrichment. Fires in oxygen enriched atmosphere start easily and are very intense, so the people injured suffer very serious burns, which are often fatal or cause very severe and prolonged suffering. This newsletter is intended to remind everyone of the hazards of oxygen enrichment and the precautions necessary to avoid accidents. Source

Causes of Ignition in Oxygen Regulators

"In 1999, NIOSH warned fire departments and other emergency care and health care employers and workers about an occupational risk from aluminum attachments or regulators that controls the flow of oxygen from pressurized oxygen tanks or cylinders often used by fire departments and emergency medical services, and in health care settings. A number of factors contribute to the generation of a fire flash from these aluminum devices during equipment checks or routine use when the valve on the ...

Fire syringe

When air is compressed very quickly, it can reach high temperatures. In this demonstration we show how cotton wool can reach the point of auto-ignition by quick compression of air in the fire syringe.

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