commercial information

how can I purchase MPS products?

Select distributors in the map, the MPS representative closest to you, and in the lower part you will find all contact information.

How can I become a dealer?

Contact the distributor of your country, in the Distribution Section, if you do not find a distributor in your country please contact us

technical information

What is a pneumatic pressure intensifier?

A pneumatic pressure intensifier is a pneumatic pump

What is the difference between the PRO version and the S version?

The PRO version is made for the professional sector, it has resistance up to 1000 Bar.
Must be installed exclusively on "FRAME" version or professional plants.
This has greater seal life and less maintenance.

The S version is more versatile and used primarily the diving market where working conditions are always extreme and different

which is the different between OB19 and OB38?

The main difference is that the pressure ratio in OB19 is of 25/1, that is with 10 bar of air supply pressure of the booster can compress up to 235 bar Oxygen (we lose a small percentage due to friction, otherwise theoretically would arrive at 250 bar).
In version OB38 the pressure ratio is 39/1, and then 6 Bar air enough power to get up to 235 bar compression Oxygen.